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Improving Back Pain Treatment

Back Pain Therapy applies the latest in data science to support your back pain treatment. Your Back Pain Therapy practitioner has unique information about what worked for patients with symptoms like yours. This knowledge supplements their professional judgement and results in a personalized, data-assisted treatment plan.

Visit our partner therapists in Larchmont, NY. We are 100% focused on solutions and want to get you better, faster.

Data Assisted Therapy

Unrivalled expertise and technology applied to complex back issues

Back pain is complicated and may involve bone, nerve, cartilage, soft tissue, muscle, tendon, and ligament issues all at once. Your treatment is a thoughtful combination of technology and human intervention, giving you the power of data science with the expertise and compassion of your practitioner.


Cutting Edge Technology

The physical therapists who partner with Back Pain Therapy leverage the latest innovations in technique and technology to help get you back to full function sooner


Excellent Patient Engagement

Our physical therapists work with you to create a personalized treatment plan and provide support at every step


Specialized Knowledge

Knowing what worked for others with back pain symptoms just like yours, helps us understand what is best for you

Karn Santikul (DPT, COMT, CSCS, CKTP) is a graduate from Columbia University with his Doctorate Degree in Physical Therapy. Karn’s focus is in sports medicine and orthopedic rehabilitation. With his vision and desire, he opened NY Sports and Spinal Physical Therapy in Scarsdale in February 2008.

His approach to physical therapy is eclectic and pragmatic in that he draws from a number of different approaches to formulate the best plan of care. The result is a highly individualized course of therapy for each patient. Karn has worked previously at Summit Physical Therapy in Larchmont and Recovery Physical Therapy in the Bronx prior to starting NYSSPT. In addition, his completed clinical rotations at Columbia University have included affiliations at White Plains Hospital, St. Luke’s Roosevelt Hospital, and Australian Physiotherapy in Manhattan. His completed group research thesis on VMO Strengthening was presented in New Orleans at the annual Physical Therapy’s Combined Section Meetings in February 2005.

Physical Therapy Services

Physical Therapists who partner with Back Pain Therapy are experts in a wide array of techniques that they leverage to get you better faster.

Ultrasound Therapy

Treat chronic pain with ultrasound waves, where deep heating is applied to the soft tissues through sound waves and accelerates healing.

Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS)

Relieves chronic pain through the application of a pulsed current via surface electrodes on unbroken skin. The electrical stimulation can override pain signals sent to the brain.

Manual Traction

Used to treat neck and back pain. Traction uses gentle pulling to reduce pressure on the spine’s discs and increase the space where nerves exit the spinal cord.

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